Hello, and welcome to Coherent Java!  I started this site in order to share some important lessons in Java development that I have learned over the past fourteen years, and to enhance my own understanding of the Java language.  My goal is to provide a valuable resource for both novice and experienced Java developers.  My vision for Coherent Java is for it to become a place where developers can sharpen each other, just as iron sharpens iron, through the sharing of relevant experiences related to the topics contained herein.

As for what topics and what kinds of articles you can expect to see on Coherent Java, I plan to introduce articles on best practices, design patterns, and Spring, and to keep the articles concise and on point, with just enough coding examples to convey the main idea without leaving too many mysteries for the reader to solve on his/her own.

And although this site centers around software development, I have many other interests that you may see featured here from time to time.  These include Batman, mathematical and logical puzzles, and flash fiction (see my flash fiction blog at Farce Positive).

Best regards,
Kevin Gilmore