Couchbase Java SDK Tutorials

I’ve been working a lot with Couchbase as of late, learning both the Spring Data Couchbase community module and the native Couchbase SDK for Java, and I want to share a couple of tutorials that I’ve written recently for

The first, titled Introduction to Couchbase SDK for Java, will get you up and going quickly, covering basic techniques such as connecting to a cluster, opening data buckets, and basic persistence operations in the native Couchbase SDK, including a brief overview of working with replicas in the event of a node outage.

The second tutorial, Using Couchbase in a Spring Application, presents a framework with which to work with a Couchbase environment, cluster, and multiple buckets, and a basic persistence layer for performing CRUD operations in a Spring application without using the Spring Data module.

Future articles in the series will cover the use of Couchbase’s asynchronous API for performing bulk operations, querying data buckets with MapReduce views, and querying with N1QL, Couchbase’s superset of SQL for working with JSON documents.

I hope that you will enjoy these tutorials and that you will stay tuned as the rest of the series unfolds.


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