Spring Data Couchbase Tutorial

If you are considering incorporating a NoSQL database into your application, you might want to consider Couchbase. And if the native Couchbase SDK seems intimidating, or if you are a big fan of using Spring Data for your persistence needs, please take a look at this tutorial on Spring Data Couchbase that I wrote for baeldung.com.

Spring Data Couchbase is a Spring community project that provides an abstraction layer for persisting and accessing Couchbase documents. In my tutorial, you will learn how to configure your project and how to write and use a basic repository interface, as well as how to use the Spring Data template abstraction, for interacting with Couchbase.

Follow-up articles will focus on other topics in Spring Data Couchbase, such as spatial-view-based queries, the use of multiple buckets, data validation, and optimistic locking.