Modeling RESTful Services with RAML

If you’ve done much development, design, or research in the area of web services in the past ten years, you have most likely encountered the term RESTful services or at least the REST acronym, unless you’ve been living under a rock. [And let’s face it, if you have been living under a rock — not that there’s anything wrong with that —  it’s doubtful that you have had much involvement with web services, so there you go.]

RAML stands for RESTful API Modeling Language and is built upon the YAML and JSON standards. If software engineering or design is your thing, and you are faced with designing and/or developing RESTful services, then I would encourage you to learn a little about RAML. A good starting point is Introduction to RAML – The RESTful API Modeling Language, an article that I wrote recently for Baeldung.


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